Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 2 of the Recovery

Michelle has been moved out of the recovery unit and has been placed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (the hospital didn't have any beds available in the Neurological ICU). She has a very private room that gets really dark and quiet allowing her to sleep.

The doctors have given Michelle some exercises to begin rehabilitating her neck muscles, and they are impressed with her range of motion. Michelle has to sit up every two hours or so in a chair for 30 minute intervals; and the rehab team gets her out of bed to walk around the floor 3 times a day. These bouts of sitting and walking definitely push Michelle's pain level higher, but are necessary to help her recover more quickly from the operation.

Michelle is resting right now and has been extremely touched by every one's love and support. We have been sharing your comments with her and they definitely bring a smile to her face.

They will be moving Michelle to a general room some time tomorrow, and when they do that we will post her room number and phone number on this site in case you want to send flowers or balloons.

Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

Keep up the good work. I know it's no fun to sit up and walk around but you'll be so happy you did. Little Haden and I say a prayer for you every night. It's funny the way he says Michelle, it's more like sushelle.

Love you,