Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome Home!

Michelle made it home from the hospital on Monday afternoon and was greeted at the door by two care packages filled with comfy clothes and coloring books.

Unfortunately, she is still in a lot of pain and has grown very groggy from the amount of narcotics and muscle relaxers in her system. Complicating matters, is the fact that Michelle's throat has been bothering her making it difficult for her to swallow and eat enough to balance out the medications she is taking. We actually had to go to the ER around 1:00 AM Tuesday morning because she had grown very nauseous and dehydrated. The ER team gave her two liters of IV fluid, a couple doses of potassium because her electrolytes were low, and an anti-emetic medication that helped subdue her nausea.

Last night she was able to get random periods of rest, and her throat seems to be feeling a little better so she was able to tolerate a small amount of soft food. The stitches are supposed to come out today, and we will be going over to her hospital later to get them removed. 48 hours after the stitches are out, Michelle can wash her hair for the first time which is still all gacky from the surgery. I know that washing her hair will make her feel much better.

Thanks for continuing to check in and send your love to Michelle.


Anonymous said...

To show my support I've cut my hair off too! We can dye our hair pink and terrorize old ladies at the mall! Or I can keep you company when you get bored. Two of my favorite things are comfy clothes and coloring books! And I've been dying to play rock band!

I'm glad to hear that you are improving so much! You are probably the strongest girl I know. Please call if you need anything at all!


melisa said...

Stay Strong !!!

Mike Wichart said...

Love ya Michelle. I hope you continue to feel better.
Mike Wichart